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Top-rated childcare in Thornton is important and our Christian school is a top-rated childcare in Thornton. Come visit this childcare center in Thornton and take a tour to see how we make learning an adventure.    Our north area Thornton location makes us the ideal choice for parents looking to make learning a fun adventure for their kids, whether they have an infant, preschool kid, kindergarten kid, or summer camp kid.    Many people are looking for a Christian school with a daycare or childcare option and our Christian school in Thornton caters to adventures in learning with a Christian adventure base for an infant, preschool, kindergarten, or summer camp kid.    Thornton Colorado has a daycare facility with amazing nature outdoor adventure playgrounds, while the classroom teachers provide academics and social learning in fun, hands-on teaching method that encourages the individuality of each child.    You can find this childcare in Thornton and that childcare in Thornton but we are a top-rated childcare in Thornton.    If you want an accredited Christian child care center in Thornton that provides academic learning adventures for infants, toddlers, preschoolers and kindergarten kids, contact A Child's Touch for a tour of our amazing 3-acre school.    Come to our Thornton school for a tour and look into our Christian infant, preschool, and Kindergarten child day care for your learning adventure needs.    A Child's Touch Christian Child care center in Thornton Colorado has longevity and adventure as long-term teachers create classrooms for preschool children filled with activities nurturing social and emotional learning.    Make learning a fun adventure for your child by coming to our child care center in the north area.   

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Summer Camp

Creating one-of-a-kind experiences, developing deep friendships, and instilling confidence in kids is what summer is about at “A Child’s Touch…” summer camp. The children are divided into three groups to ensure that the activities are age-appropriate and engaging. Each group has their own separate classroom so that they can engage independently in activities geared for their age level. School Age 1 has a large classroom with multiple themed-play spaces. School Age 2 has a two-story environment allowing for a pool table, various play and work areas, and comfortable niches for relaxing. School Age 3 has their own clubhouse called the Hangout where couches and their own kitchen allow for a more independent feel.

Classes take multiple field trips a week to exciting places around the metro area. However, the real excitement comes when the kids are at our school. Each year the new summer theme is eagerly anticipated. Current and newly enrolled youth are sent out a letter in the spring that reveals the new, exciting theme that transforms an ordinary summer into an extraordinary one! Each theme is one-of-a-kind and hand-crafted by Curriculum Designers on staff. The program and the classroom environment is transformed to correspond with the theme and at our school the kids are provided with games, challenges, and unparalleled adventures corresponding to the theme that allow the kids to explore and expand their abilities.

Devotions in our summer camp are both engaging and meaningful. Hands-on activities help the students learn the different Biblical concepts applicable for their lives and many devotional themes are woven into the very fabric of the summer theme. Prayer is also paramount in these camps as the children use their daily group prayer time to listen, empathize and discover the power of prayer in a comfortable, non-intimidating setting.

Each summer in School Age 2 and 3 there are three skills classes offered such as dancing, music, cooking, acting/movie-making, woodworking, jewelry-making, sports, photography, sculpture, fashion design, and arts and crafts so that students can choose which fun, enriching activity interests them.

Often you see young teens with little experience watching school age youth. Our summer camp program utilizes qualified teachers with years of experience to run the programs and create incredible opportunities for the children that allow for them to work together, laugh, and bond.

Past adventures are vast and exciting. One summer was spent exploring Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory for the summer in order to collect hidden Wonka cards that translated into great rewards. Another summer a devastated group of kids learned that dark dragons had taken over and all of the good dragon eggs were lost. Thankfully, a few eggs were found and the youth became dragon keepers, raising the varied hatched dragon species in the 31 Dragon Virtues so that they could battle when the dark dragons attacked. One summer camp was made up of superstars and they explored different movie genres and then created their own movie! Last summer the students were admitted into the Lion’s School of Unbelievability where they were sorted into their houses for the semester. Things took an ominous turn however as LSU was almost shut down and only by their searching and discovery of the Lion’s charter on the 7 swords allowed for victory. We cannot wait to have your child join us this summer for the next big adventure!

If you are looking for a unique, safe, fun, Christ-centered summer experience for your child ages 6-12 years of age then check out the “A Child’s Touch…” school age summer camp program!


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